Prayer to Save Troubled Marriage

Prayer to Save Troubled Marriage

Marriage Prayer, Marriage Prayers, Prayer for troubled marriage. Prayer to save a marriage. Marriage reconciliation prayer. Prayer for healing relationship. Prayer for Healing Relationships – Prayers are potent in overcoming obstacles and achieving supernatural breakthroughs in your marriage for they are the medium of miracles.

Thoughts on How Prayer can save your Marriage

“God made the promise that he wouldn’t intervene in our lives unless we asked him.”

– Betty Eadie, a Near Death Experience survivor, in her book about the NDE encounter, Embraced by the Light

According to noted spiritual teacher Dr Caroline Myss, prayer places deposits into our Grace Bank Account.

Benefits of Prayer:

  • We are filled with renewed hope and comfort
  • We are guided to right action that results in our ultimate happiness
  • Peace returns as life’s storms are calmed
  • Our relationship with God is strengthened
  • We become infused with life-enhancing energy.
  • Prayer has the means to bypass natural laws. Therefore, we can achieve through prayer what we cannot achieve through any other means.

Marriage and Prayer

  1. Prayer for Healing Marriage: Food for thought: When you are experiencing problems in you marriage, it is time to revisit and review your relationship with God. How strong is it? How committed is it? When your relationship with God is strong, it fills you with insurmountable inner strength. Ways to strengthen your relationship with God is through prayer, attending your place of worship, small acts of kindness, helping people who are in need etc  These activities not only help you to build inner strength, but also prevent you from becoming obsessed with your marriage problems.  When you serve God by giving love to others, that love will eventually come back to bless you.
  2. Set aside time on a regular basis for prayer with your husband. Try not to conduct lengthy prayer sessions as this tends to discourage its frequency.  Recommended minimum frequency: 5 minutes/week at a fixed time and day. Setting aside a fixed time/place (eg after dinner, Friday evening) creates a habitual anchor that reminds you of your prayer session. Do this for 14 days and see what happens.
  3. If your husband is unwilling to join you in your prayers, seek prayer partners to pray with you on a regular basis.
  4. You can also combine prayer with visualization. Visualize achieving the outcome of your prayer. Give thanks for your desired outcome in advance, as you attract more of what you are grateful for.

Recommended Book: Save Your Christian Marriage (My Review)

How the Power of Prayer can help Save your Marriage

(and no it’s not what you are expecting to hear! Please read it as I promise that you’ll never look at prayer the same way again!)

Experience 1 – Prayer sends a beam of light to heaven and back to whoever you are praying for!

A lady died in a car crash and experienced an Out of Body Experience (OBE) experience. Whilst in that state, she said that she could hear the murmurs of people in the cars that were behind hers. Most of them were complaining about the inconvenience that the accident had caused them. However, in the 4th car directly behind hers, she heard a lady say a prayer for the accident victim (which, of course, is her in OBE state). She saw a beam of light extending from the car towards heaven and finally beaming right back onto her. At the moment it touched her, she drifted back into her body – and survived. She also noted the kind lady’s car plate number during her OBE, traced her residential address and sent her a gift!

Watch prayer beam in action!

Experience 2 – Every single one of your prayer is recorded!

The author herself had an OBE experience during an astral projection class, which she attended in the early years. She successfully had an OBE experience, despite not succeeding the first time around. In that experience, she saw an angelic Being holding onto a scroll that had every single prayer that had she ever made written on it! She was very surprised to say the least, as she thought that heaven never really heard her prayers!

Experience 3 – How prayer defies conventional wisdom, logic and reason and miraculously saves marriages

The mystical realm operates according to faith not reason, as the following story illustrates.

Sandra’s husband wanted a divorce. It was breaking her heart that her husband wanted out of the marriage. Her two children were 3 and 5 years old. She did not want a divorce, but it was one of those situations where a misunderstanding started and it got out of hand. It did so mainly through pride and hubris, and pride is so hideously toxic. She finally recognized that and therein was a great opening for Grace. She recognized that, “I am poisoned with pride.” So she got down on her knees and prayed, “Do whatever it takes, if this marriage can be saved. I see my own pride in this. I don’t want to loose him.”

Her husband was going to his lawyers to get the divorce papers. You know what he found in his briefcase? A love letter that Sandra wrote when they were in college 12 years ago. It was not a briefcase he had in college. She did not put it in there. How did it find its way?  Anyway, it wiped the slate clean and they started over.

How did the letter get there?  It had been 12 years since they had been in college. Who knows? You can use all the logic you want, but logic is preposterous when it comes to the intervention of Divine Grace.


Videos showing how the power of prayer heals your marriage

(1) Why surrendering to Spirit your marriage problems is a misunderstood and overlooked secret in saving your marriage.

(2) Have you ever wondered what happens in the invisible realm when you pray? Watch the videos – Videos of how prayer affects yourself and your marriage.

(3) Can prayer save your marriage if your spouse has already moved out and filed for divorce? Find out here.

(4) Are you sabotaging the efforts to save your marriage unconsciously?

Find out how you are activating the law of attraction in your marriage.

See the effect of prayer on water crystals.

Marriage Prayer – Prayer for Healing Marriages

Prayer to save troubled marriage
“I ask that You help me heal my love life. I am willing to release any unforgiveness I may…”

Marriage Prayer 1
“Please make of our relationship a great and holy adventure. May our joining be a sacred space…”

Marriage Prayer 3

“Please bring us big life and big love, deep life and deep love. We wish to show up now with pure and noble hearts that we might midwife the perfection in each other….”

Marriage Prayer Blessing
“Bless my marriage today. Bless me and my husband with a clear vision of your purpose for our union. Bless us by ordering our steps….”

Prayer for Seeking Answers to Marriage Problems
“Right now I am feeling ________ . Please lift these feelings away from me and fill me with your love…”

Marriage Prayer
“Lord, help us remember that our love for each other reflects your love for us.
May we empower one another to fulfill our purpose in life.”

Marriage Prayer Audio/Videos

These videos are designed to guide you with your prayers. Each of them run for under 5 mins. So they really don’t require too much of your time. It is best to watch them as often as possible, or at least when you need inspiration.

(1) Marriage Prayer – For a thriving marriage

Download Marriage Prayer Audio it here

(2) Prayer to Save Your Marriage
Download Save Your Marriage Prayer Audio Here

(3) Marriage Prayer – for women with husbands serving in  the military that are deployed overseas

The effectiveness of prayer is not limited by space and time. Your prayerful thoughts will reach your husband wherever he is. Men in the military need our prayers, as they need peace surrounding them more than anyone else.

(4) Prayer to Heal Depression – for women who are overwhelmed by Marriage Problems

Numerous women write to me in a depressed, sometimes even suicidal state of mind as a result of their marriage crisis. I created this video so as to give such women renewed hope and strength. Let Spirit call you by name and touch you.

*Please note that you are still advised to seek professional medical help.*

(5) Prayer to Heal Communication Problems in Marriage

Just had a heated quarrel with your husband? Watch this prayer meditation video to “turn the energy around” and heal the conflict with the power of Spirit. Remember love is a stronger vibration than hatred, resentment or anger. This video meditation helps transmute the energy of hatred, resentment or anger with the energy of love. It really just takes one person to do this. The love energy that you radiate will reach your husband, even if he is not physically present in the same room with you.

So when you have a disagreement next time, instead of arguing with your husband and escalating the conflict, stay in your center, express your hurt gently and simply watch this video meditation.

Marriage Prayer – Healing Tools

Interactive marriage healing tools and self healing tools that can help you dissolve negative thought forms and negative attractor energy patterns in yourself and your marriage.

Self-Healing Prayer Tool

Husband Healing Prayer Tool

Marriage Healing Prayer Tool

Jesus Heal My Marriage

Join the miracle marriage manifestation prayer project. 100% FREE participation.

Recommended Book: Save Your Christian Marriage (My Review)