Healing Love Meditations for Loving Relationships

Love Meditations

Love Meditation

can heal relationships with the positive, high vibrational energy of love. Love Meditations can also enhance your relationships by creating loving energy that dissolves barriers to communication, sex, deeper meaningful bonding, understanding and appreciation of one another etc.

What is meditation?

Meditation is an altered state activity in which the brain reaches alpha-theta levels of consciousness. At this level of mind, your body, mind and spirit is strengthened and exist in harmony. Your intuition becomes more acute.

There are 2 types of meditation – active and passive.

Passive meditation: The objective is stillness and being free from thought. Or it may be to concentrate on a single point of focus or symbol. The brain can reach theta levels in passive meditation. At this level of mind, one is more receptive to suggestions but will not be able to generate thoughts or images for practical problem solving. Personally, I would not advocate ’emptying the mind’ meditations because they can be dangerous spiritually.

Active/dynamic meditation – The objective is to perform activities such as goal-setting, problem solving, enhancing creativity, enhancing intuition and self healing through guided imagery, at the alpha level of mind.  Active meditation tools can be used to achieve desired outcomes in the areas of career, goals, relationships and marriages.

Some of the benefits of meditation are

  • Improving relationships/marriages
  • Finding soulmates
  • Improving problem solving ability, in all areas of life
  • Connecting to Infinite Wisdom
  • Improved health
  • Enhanced intuition
  • Enhanced manifestation power resulting from visualization
  • Improved learning ability
  • Improved creativity
  • Improved IQ

Meditations Resources and Tools

Love Meditation – Block Clearing Meditation

Purpose: This meditation helps in clearing specific blocks in your energy field that prevent you from establishing a harmonious marriage.

1) Scan your body in any way that you wish: inner sight, intuition, feeling sense. Find the area of the body that you are most concerned about with the help of Source.If you do not find a problem area, you can focus on something that is happening in your life right now that you are concerned about. Find the area in the body or life.

2) Now imagine that feeling/problem in front of you. Look at it with your mental vision. What does it look, feel and/or sound like?

a. Look

  • Colour: colour or black and white
  • Shape: Describe the figure
  • Depth: two or three dimensional
  • Size: large or small
  • Brightness: Bright or dark
  • Contrast: Well or poorly defined
  • Focus: Clear or blurred
  • Movement: Still or moving
  • Speed: fast or slow
  • Location: up, down, front, left, right etc

b. Sound

  • Does it have a sound?
  • Verbal or non verbal: words or sound. If words, what is it saying?
  • Direction: Stereo or mono
  • Volume: loud or soft
  • Tone: Soft or harsh
  • Clarity: Clear or muffled
  • Pitch: high or low
  • Speed: fast or slow
  • Duration: continuous or discontinuous
  • Location: up, down, front, left, right etc

c. Feeling

  • Location: Where in the body is it located?
  • Texture: large or small
  • Weight: Light or heavy
  • Temperature: Hot or cold
  • Movement: Still or moving

3) Talk to the object.

  • What does it say to you?
  • What is the highest intention of the object? If, for instance, the object is about fear and its highest intention is to protect you, tell the object that you would like another form of behavior that is more suitable to achieve the same intention. Thank it for protecting you so far.
  • What are you to learn from it?
  • Is there anybody involved who is associated with the object? Do you need to forgive that person? If so, can you do that?

4) Now call upon your Source and with that Source, send the object as much love as you can. Watch it being bathed in golden light filled with love of Source. Watch the object dissolve.

5) Now let God/Holy Spirit integrate into your heart. Invite Jesus into your heart. Thank God for the perfect healing of your marriage or the issue of concern.

6) Now let the process integrate and bring yourself to the room.

Love Meditation – Unconditional Love/Compassion/Loving-kindness Meditation

Purpose: This meditation assists in developing our ability to love our spouse/partner unconditionally.

  1. Assume a comfortable position, relax and breathe deeply.
  2. First focus on all of the people and things in your life you love. Include  whatever/whomever you love eg partner when you first met them, pets, hobbies, favorite restaurants, music, movies, Spirit and so on. Select objects, events or people that you most resonate with. Magnify this feeling of total love.
  3. Now bring into this picture your spouse/partner as he/she is at the moment. Concentrate for a moment on your desire to be able to love your spouse or partner in the same manner as the first group.
  4. Create a feeling of love in your heart for your spouse/partner. This feeling of love may be visualized as a radiating bright white or gold light of pure and positive energy emanating from your heart.
  5. Accept your spouse/partner in this scene for who he/she is, with each of their faults as well as good points. Radiate out from your heart this bright light so that it both touches and surrounds every component of this scene.
  6. Say to your partner,
    May you live in safety.
    May you have mental happiness (peace, joy).
    May you have physical happiness (health, freedom from  pain).
    May you live with ease. (May the elements of daily life—work, family—go smoothly.)
    May my love become yours.
    May God bless you mightily.
    May the light of God fill you.
    Continue sending out this loving light and observe its effects on your spouse/partner. See how he/she is is transformed into a loving entity. Notice how the things you disliked before all of a sudden does not seem to affect you as much.
  7. Contemplate how you now have the potential to love your spouse/partner unconditionally for all his/her good points, as well as imperfections. Dedicate your consciousness to remove any aspect of your personality, such as impatience, anger, jealousy, insecurity, and so on, that stands in the way of this unconditional love. See each of them as physical blocks being removed from your energy field, as you affirm to yourself the following I now release all forms of impatience within me. I am becoming more and more patient.I now release all forms of anger and resentment towards my spouse/partner. I am becoming more and more forgiving and loving.I now release all forms of jealousy and insecurity in my relationships. I am becoming more and more secure and confident.

Visualize yourself as having taken on the positive traits you have affirmed for. Stay with this goal for a few minutes.

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