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Love Hypnosis/Meditation downloads

Relationship Hypnosis/Meditation downloads

– Overcome Codependence, Overcome Insecurity, Overcome Jealousy, Put the spark back into your relationship, Maintain Harmonious Relationship,  Irresistible Personal Magnetism, Feel Attractive, Improve Self Confidence/Self-esteem, Enhance your sex life.

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Love Hypnosis/Meditation Downloads – Tools for Relationships

Love Hypnosis/Meditation can help you in the following areas

  • overcome insecurityovercome jealousy hypnosis- The hypnosis program “Jealous No More” will help you to feel good about yourself and to regain your center and a sense of security and independence, so that whatever happens to your relationship you’d still feel stable and comfortable, with a strong sense of self, knowing that whether your partner remained with you or left, you’d have a lot going on in your life to be able to enjoy it no matter what. These feelings of inner confidence, security and independence will further boost the chances of lasting and fulfilling relationship.
  • put the spark back in your relationship hypnosis – When you are first together it is almost as if there is a magnetic attraction between you – your mind focuses on your partner almost all the time, and when you are together it feels just incredible. ‘Putting the spark back’ will help remind your unconscious mind of the excitement you used to feel.
  • Overcome Codependence hypnosis – Co-Dependent No More recordings are designed to help you find your center, to re-discover yourself and what truly makes you feel good. Then you can be with another and share of your time, energy and affection in a way that makes you feel good about you, in a way that maintains your sense of integrity and self-esteem and to the extent that makes you feel good. In this way, you never have to feel or act like a martyr or to suffer the pains that were not yours to suffer. In this way you can live your life in peace, without any feelings of guilt or blame and with respect for yourself and for the other person.
  • Maintain Harmonious Relationship hypnosis – In order for a relationship to exist, two people have to have some common objectives, common interests, upon which the energy of the relationship is based. If you have no common objectives with the other person, then, there is no point in pursing the relationship. However, there are times when people do share dreams, goals and objectives, but they look upon them from different perspectives and see different solutions to the challenges they are facing, which may cause conflicts. Provided that the relationship you are in is worth maintaining, these recordings are designed to help you find the common ground and a happy solution which will work for both partners in a relationship.
    overcoming negative emotions hypnosis eg anger
  • self-esteemself-confidencebelief in yourself
  • feel attractive hypnosis – Feel Attractive Now! will inspire the unconscious confidence you need to present yourself as an attractive person. You will naturally feel better about the way you look without having to think about it as the gentle hypnosis re-educates your mind to see things in a way that makes you feel good about yourself.
  • Irresistible Personal Magnetism hypnosis – When we are around irresistibly magnetic people we feel wonderful, we feel inspired. We feel attracted to them because they are enthusiastic about life; they have a vision, they have confidence in what they are saying and doing, they are energetic. We are aware of their power, yet there is also a lightness of being, a childlike qualities of playfulness, openness and curiosity. They are spontaneous and fun-loving. They live their lives without struggle and burdens, they don’t have to chase after things – whatever they desire flows to them effortlessly.
  • Sexual Magentism and Seduction hypnosis – Sexual energy is the essence of vitality – and what you can do with it may be yet beyond your wildest imagination. People who have an abundance of sexual energy have not only greater sexual appeal, but also a greater appetite for life, greater confidence. They find it easier to get what they desire in life because they become naturally magnetic and people like to be around them. Around some intensely sexually magnetic people you can almost feel electric sparks and you’d just love to share those fireworks.
  • Enjoy Oral Sex hypnosis – Enjoying Oral Sex has everything to do with taking your partner to heaven and allowing your partner to do the same for you.
  • Become Orgasmic hypnosis – Orgasm is about allowing yourself to feel and experience exquisiteness of pure life-force washing through your entire being, through your entire neurology. As much as it is a sexual experience, it is also spiritual and healing experience.

New Age Hypnosis/Meditation can help you in the following areas

  • Forgiveness hypnosis – Forgiveness Hypnosis Program is designed to help you to change your perception of the events that are holding you back, helping you to release them, helping you to see them through the eyes of love, and compassion – so that you can set yourself free and enjoy your present life.
  • Gratitude hypnosis – Gratitude fulfills the law of multiplication. Whatever you genuinely feel grateful for, you multiply in your life. Therein lies the secret of abundance and prosperity.
  • Infinite Love – Fill Your Life with Love hypnosis – Love is not just some kind of a mushy feeling. It is a powerful vibration. It contains within it the power of healing and a power of transmutation. Love must be consciously practiced. The practice begins with awareness that love is everywhere present and that love is at the core of everything created, at the core your own being. The practice continues by consciously choosing to express love – through all that you think and say and do. If you practice this with someone with whom you are experiencing a conflict, you may just witness a miraculous transformation unfold before you. Love is a source of all miracles. Love is not a passive thing. It is active force. If you put love into action, all the moments of your life will be filled with miracles and wonderful surprises.
  • Find Inner Peace hypnosis – True deep inner peace comes from your awareness of and connection to the Infinite Loving Power and Wisdom within you, from knowing that it is the only power, from following your inner guidance, looking upon everything in your world as an expression of this One Loving Power that has your best interests at heart, doing your very best and living your life with integrity.
  • Access your Infinite Wisdom hypnosis – Within you is all the knowledge and from within you, you can access Infinite Wisdom. When you direct your awareness to the topic you desire to know more about, you are in effect, directing the light of consciousness upon that topic so that it may be revealed to you
  • Spiritual New History Generator  hypnosis – The recording takes you all the way to the time before your birth. The reason for this is that many perceptions and limited beliefs were imprinted in our subconscious mind and in our neurology even while we were still in the womb. While due to release of certain hormones at birth, a lot of what we experienced may have been consciously forgotten, it is not erased from the depths of our subconscious and in some way it influences even our adult lives. For example, people who go through a “rebirthing” (this process involves energized breathing – as breath is a powerful way of releasing blocked energy patterns) begin to remember events that go all the way back to the time of conception.Some interesting patterns emerge. One person who had difficulty finishing projects whether they related to business, relationships or anything else found out that this pattern had something to do with the fact that she was born prematurely – she didn’t get to complete her “time” in the womb and this pattern got wired so deeply that it influenced her for much of her adult life. Many people whose parents had second thoughts about having them experience “fear of abandonment” issues and often create subconsciously the very experiences that would allow this fear to materialize in their lives. One way that these fears may manifest is a form of “self-sabotage”.
  • Regress back in time (hypnosis) to examine the root cause of your problem. Accessing the memories from your past lives is as easy as accessing memories of anything you may have experienced few days ago, or few years ago. What holds any memory in your mind and your energy field are your emotions. If you think of any experience in this life, you may notice that those that were emotionally intense, significant or unique in any way, will be much easier to recall, than ordinary everyday experiences.
  • Future life progression hypnosis enables you to see the outcome of your choices. According to Dr Brain Weiss’s future life progression experiences on his patients, our life path is not fixed. They are the outcome of the current choices that we make. Patients who learnt the lessons from a past life through past life regression, experienced a future life of a much higher frequency compared to a future life experience prior to the past life regression session!

PARALLEL WORLD – An Alternative to speaking “Woundology”

One effective use of hypnosis is to re-program your past so that (a) you learnt from it and move on; and (b) you can have better resources for the present moment and the future.

The parallel world hypnosis  does this for you. You meet the person you would be if you were raised by the best parents, in the best schools, with the people who were supportive and inspiring. All your qualities and talents are allowed to be fully realized on this alternate world. It is a more empowering alternative compared to being stuck in the past and speaking in “Woundology”.

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