The Physics of Love

The Physics of Love – How it holds the secret to saving your marriage alone

Everything is Energy

Vibration Creates Form


We live in a universe filled with an infinite spectrum of energy vibrations, our physical space-time universe contains the portion that is low enough to support material form and solidity. This portion of the spectrum is referred to as the third dimension. The frequencies that exist beyond this dimension are too high to be conceived via our five senses. Thoughts belong to this portion of the energy spectrum.

Positive thoughts and energies fill up the higher end of the spectrum. This high-frequency energy is light, buoyant, breezy and bright.

Negative thoughts and energies occupy the lower end of the spectrum. They take on the characteristics of being dark, cold, dense, heavy and are of low frequency.

In 1905, Albert Einstein published his Special Theory of Relativity which said that space is not three-dimensional, and time is not a separate entity. Both space and time are intimately connected and form a four-dimensional space-time continuum. We cannot talk about space without talking about time, and vice-versa. Furthermore, time is non-directional, it is not linear but it is absolute.

Physicist Dr David Bohm’s work indicates that the universe is holographic in nature. The hologram concept states that every piece is an exact representation of the whole and can be used to reconstruct the entire hologram. The universe thus appears as a web of inseparable energy patterns.

What this means is that we are all a part of the inseparable part of the whole, we can enter into holistic state of being, become the whole, and tap into the creative powers and wisdom of the universe to instantaneously heal anyone, anywhere energetically, including ourselves.

Due to this inter-connectedness, we can also influence circumstances, events and people energetically, irregardless of time.

This implies that we can energetically influence both our past and our future, and in doing so pave our way for a life of a higher-frequency this instant.

There is an Infinite Wisdom/Source/Spirit which in itself is a part of this holographic tapestry. It implies that the Infinite Wisdom/Source/Spirit is as much within us as it is outside of us. We can access this Infinite Wisdom effectively through spiritual practices eg prayer, meditation, accessing our subconscious/unconscious mind through visualizations, affirmations, hypnosis/NLP. Further means, amongst many others, may include acquiring knowledge and wisdom through reading spiritual literature.

NOTE: Where I refer to Infinite Wisdom from hereon, you may wish to substitute that for God, Higher Power, Infinite Intelligence, Grace, All That Is or whatever term that you feel comfortable with.


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  • Hands of Light, Barbara Brennan

Further Reading:

  • The Holographic Universe, Michael Talbot
  • The Implicate Order, David Bohm