How To Emasculate a Man

How To Emasculate a Man

Here’s an (unedited) email I got today from a young woman who has been receiving my “Tips About Men”:

hi kara,
well this is rachelle and i really appreciate all of ur tips about men. well i have been a little busy and i would not read them but i saved all of them and today i was free and i started reading them all and i loved them all, i am in a relationship right now, we have been together for 6 months and were both young adults , hes 21 and i am 19 and after reading ur tips iam going to make some right choices because i’ve been making him feel like a failure and i will fix that and not to do it again.
again thank you alot,

That email inspired me to talk about how easy it is to emasculate a man. One of the most important things I try to get across to women is to not belittle a man because a man is most easily emasculated by a woman. More than anything, he needs a woman to make him feel like a man not like a failure. When she puts him down for his inability to make money, make love to her, be a good father or husband, etc., he feels emasculated and pulls away from her a little bit each time she does it. Eventually he needs to leave if he wants to keep his balls intact.

Another way a woman can easily emasculate a man is simply let him know he has failed at making her happy. I’ve heard so many men say, when asked why they left their wife or girlfriend, “I couldn’t make her happy.” He needs to get away from that kind of woman if he has any desire to feel like a man. If a man stays with that kind of woman, eventually his testicles eventually dry up and fall off. I think the term is P…. Whipped. Think about the kind of man who has earned that title. We don’t have much respect for that kind of man. And usually the women doing the whipping isn’t a very pleasant person.

I teach Feminine Grace. No real woman would ever do that to a man, especially the man who is supposed to be her lover. Obviously, a fully emasculated man no longer has sex, unless, heaven forbid, he does so at her demand. Yuck! I don’t even want to think about that scenario.

So ladies, if you want to have a relationship with a man who adores you, makes you feel like his queen and calls you his goddess, all you need to do is practice Feminine Grace and make him feel like a man. It’s that simple. Learning how to do that takes a bit of learning along with some practice, but once you get it down (and believe me, for most women, this is what feels best and eventually becomes totally natural) he will treat you better than you’ve ever been treated before. It’s the surest way to win a man’s heart.

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