Stop Divorce, Save Your Marriage Alone for WOMEN.

Are you saving your marriage alone,

without your husband’s support?

Is this you?

  1. Your husband thinks that there is nothing wrong with him. All that has gone wrong with the marriage is entirely your fault.
  2. Your husband has walked out on you, saying that this time it is really over.
  3. He says, “I love you, but I am not in love with you.”
    And that he is not sure of what he wants, he needs space and that he’s confused.
  4. He is emotionally distant. When you ask him what’s wrong, he replies, “Nothing.” It’s very frustrating.
  5. You are walking on eggshells. You never know where you stand. You live in constant anxiety.
  6. You feel blamed and attacked every time you have a conversation. You argue about the same issue repeatedly.
  7. He takes you for granted. It makes you feel so invalidated as a woman.
  8. He does not understand you. Dropping hints or explaining what your needs are to him does not help. He just gets defensive. You’ve given up on him ever meeting your needs.

Strategies you have tried in saving your marriage

You feel frustrated because any self-help resource that you read to save your marriage is made light of and disregarded by your husband.

Sometimes self-help books suggest how your “marriage” should be, implying that both you and your husband should put effort into solving your marriage problems together. So when he does not fulfil his end of the bargain, you naturally feel resentful towards him. You may tell yourself, “If only he heeded their marriage advice, then it would make the job of saving our marriage easier”. You eventually give up because you feel that his reluctance to cooperate, and hence saving your marriage, is out of your control.

Marriage counselling works best when both parties are committed to saving the marriage.

People around you

They don’t understand. They simply tell you to leave him. It is not that easy.

There is still a part of him that you love, and it is worth fighting for.

After all, how often can you talk about the same issue to your friends and family? They’ll listen the first couple of times, offer a solution and expect you to stick with it.

Where you’re at

You feel alone in your battle to save your marriage. It is an uphill struggle.

Let’s face it, it would be far easier if your husband was actively on board in saving your marriage with you.

Sometimes you wonder if you did not fight to keep the marriage, he would walk out on you anytime. Or he would give up on the marriage altogether.

But, please realize that you are an amazing woman!

Woman Overcoming ObstaclesThe fact that you are persistent in searching for answers to revive your marriage single-handedly shows that you are a courageous, tenacious and resilient woman. You are driven and purposeful. You have had to cope with so much, with so little support. Give yourself credit for all these wonderful qualities that you already possess.

You do have what it takes to revive your marriage. Please do not give up!

Strategies for Women Saving Marriage Alone

  1. If your husband has recently left you, please click here.
  2. If your husband is still living with you, and you have been trying to save your marriage for a long time, please click here.

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Tools for Saving Marriages Alone

NEW tools to help you heal your marriage energetically.

  1. Self Healing Tool – your interactive negative belief buster tool
  2. Change your husband Tool!
  3. Heal your Marriage Tool – Interactive tool to visualize negative attractor energy patterns in your marriage dissolve before your very eyes!
  4. Jesus Heal My Marriage – Meant for Christians who are seeking healing and deliverance in their marriage through the help of Jesus.
  5. Save Marriage Meditations Audio Download – Drive third party away